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Atom Zombie Smasher Tutorial and Strategy Guide

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Blood Bowl Tutorial and Strategy Guide

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Gratuitous Space Battles Tutorial and Strategy Guide

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Company of Heroes Tutorial and Strategy Guide





Rome Total War Tutorial and Strategy Guide


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Command & Conquer 4 Tiberium Twilight


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Red Alert 3 Uprising - General's Challenge


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Command & Conquer  - Red Alert 3 



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Command & Conquer 3 - Tiberium Wars 


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Command & Conquer 3 - Kane's Wrath 


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Command & Conquer Generals


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Command & Conquer:  Generals Walkthrough Strategy Guide


Command & Conquer:  Generals Zero Hour Walkthrough Strategy Guide


Command & Conquer:  Generals Zero Hour General's Challenge Walkthrough Strategy Guide


Command & Conquer 3 - Tiberium Wars Walkthrough Strategy Guide (Written) - Under Construction



CNC Guides presents video and written strategies for

Real-time strategy games.  

Real-time strategy -- it's been my hobby since Command & Conquer and Starcraft came out over a decade ago.

So far, all of the missions have been played on the

highest difficulty level possible for each game and mission presented.


I am presently expanding my horizons just slightly to different genres.  If you see a game here that is NOT real-time strategy, that means it's worthy of you giving it a shot.


All walkthroughs for the RTS games are written for use on the hardest setting.  Sometimes the hardest level will be labeled "brutal" and other times "hard."


Rome Total War is an exception to this, as it is a bit of a departure from the classic RTS format.


I am very proud of the Generals Challenge Walkthroughs.  Some of them are extremely tough, particularly those versus General Leang.


The philosophy behind these guides is two-fold.  


One is to give a bit of guidance to the first-time player to make his game play more efficient.  Sometimes these guides will point out what appears to be overly simplistic advice, but these are strategies or abilities I may have missed the first time through.  It is pretty common to sit down and start playing a game without reading the 30-page manual first.  Even skilled RTS players can overlook some real simple pointers that make a world of difference. An example that jumps immediately to mind is in C&C Generals not using a Sniper during some of the USA missions.  


The second goal is to present a thorough step-by-step walkthrough for players of all levels to make an efficient beeline to victory -- or the player looking for suggestions on how to deal with a certain strategic situation. 


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